pressing machines for garment producers and industrial laundries,as well stitch-free technologies for clothing and accessories and machines for fashion logistic. MACPI MADE IN ITALY IN THE GLOBAL MARKET


Today, our long experience makes us global leaders in the production of professional pressing machines, machinery for industrial laundry, as stitch-free technologies for clothing and accessories and machines for fashion logistic. Cutting-edge technologies combining productivity and quality, successfully used by leading fashion houses throughout the world.undefined

Shapes and customization

Clothing shapes are one of the main know-how of our company. In over 60 years of history we have created all kinds of shapes: this allows us to reduce timing and offer a wide choice with a range of over 3,000 pieces already available. To be even more efficient, we have invested in a customized software which manages a revolutionary machine able to shape forms perfectly, thus ensuring that the upper shapes match perfectly with the lower ones. This technology, combined with the experience of our artisans, makes us the absolute leader in the production of industrial finishing machines.

Warehouse and spare parts

The company can boast a totally innovative system to operate its warehouse, with eleven vertical warehouses, recently installed, allowing automated picking of the materials needed for the construction of machinery.  

A fully integrated intelligent system for precise and rapid monitoring, greater comfort for the operators and great saving of time and vital spaces. Also, a specific area dedicated to spare parts has been designated within the warehouse, with qualified staff to manage and prepare kits, coverings and accessories needed for maintenance and installations. A fundamental support point for our customers.


The first step of the production process involves frame painting, to which an in-house department is dedicated. Skilled employees perform specific treatments to give our products a long resistance during the years.


Frames are moved along our three production lines: the stitch-free machines for clothing and accessories, the finishing machines for garment industry and industrial laundry and machines for fashion logistic. Our staff, highly qualified and experienced in each one of these phases, takes care of every step, from the electrical system to the assembly, from the pneumatics to the improvement of the steam system.

Final testing

Every Macpi machine is tested according to strict procedures. Some technologies undergo continuous operational periods, for several days, in order to better test their resistance.

Finally, we carry out precision adjustments, coverings are applied and user manuals and installation kits are inserted. A great advantage for our customers is the possibility to personally test the machines before delivery and improve any details together with testers and technical staff.


Macpi machines are shipped all over the world, and this requires adequate and scrupulous logistics.

Once fixed to the pallets, the machines are first covered with special sheets and then equipped with special bags to prevent rust or the action of other agents that could damage the structures. All the machines are packed and shipped in wooden boxes which protect them from atmospheric agents.

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