Ethics, sustainability, technology. Macpi philosophy

Macpi, a story of ethics, sustainability, technological development… and of constant growth. A commitment that - from 1961 up to today - has made us leaders in the designing and production of pressing machines, machinery for industrial laundry, as well stitch-free technologies for clothing and accessories and machines for fashion logistic distributed throughout the world.

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Supplier and partner. Macpi has always focused on the customer, aiming to efficiency, from product development, training and technical support to final feedback. A synergistic exchange for successful ideas that have revolutionized the world of clothing business.  

Our customers can visit Macpi production plants to verify personally the attention and care we put in the machine construction process and to collaborate to develop customized projects. The result? Over 10,000 satisfied customers in every continent, always keeping the flag of Made in Italy excellence flying high.

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Respect, collaboration, personal fulfillment. Macpi attaches great importance to the well-being of the individual, and for this reason it offers a positive environment in which everyone can contribute and where ambitions and dedication are rewarded. 

We protect our employees with regular contracts in compliance with legal requirements, avoiding any kind of exploitation. With us, people can count on a Welfare plan including a wide range of benefits and services intended to increase serenity and foster trust.

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Since its establishment, Macpi has been working in compliance with sustainability and ecology standards.

The large park and the greenery around the company make our workplace healthier and more comfortable. Over the years, we have also adopted several measures to reduce the impact on the environment: all the machines, designed according to the best energy efficiency standards, bear witness to this.


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The tie with Palazzolo Sull'Oglio and its territory, where Macpi’s Italian headquarters is based since 1965, is paramount. We are committed to the sustainable development of numerous activities, from sustaining the local soccer team to supporting local structures with important charity works, especially in the field of medical research.
We welcome organized tours by student groups and collaborate in organizing events for young people during the summer.

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Macpi continuously develops technological solutions and improvements. From mechanics to pneumatics, from electronics to digitalization, all the details are taken care of to guarantee a productable to last for a long time and always up to date. 

Authentic Made in Italy excellence permeates all of our products: industrial pressing machines, laundry machinery, as well stitch-free technologies for clothing and accessories and machines for fashion logistic.

The production department can rely on important investments, such as the eleven vertical warehouses recently installed and the machinery for shape's inspection, a technology almost unique in our field.

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Since its foundation in 1961, MACPI has been designing and building advanced machinery for professional finishing in garment and laundry field and machines for fashion logistic, later in bonding of fabrics, with cutting-edge systems - both electronically and mechanically components.
 From the first pressing machines with clear head to the most recent creaseless ironing units for trousers and machines for stitch-free applications, our commitment has allowed us to revolutionize and improve the operational processes of the operators, proposing solution snow appreciated and widespread worldwide.

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Macpi selects only the best suppliers on the market. From pneumatics to metalwork, we scrupulously check compliance with high standards, guaranteeing to the final user high-performance machinery with reliable and long-lasting components.

Every detail is carefully selected during the designing of the machinery, checked by specialized technicians and finally assembled and tested.

We establish win-win cooperation with our suppliers, with a spirit of collaboration which gives us an edge in analyzing and solving any possible problems.

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All MACPI components and semi-finished products are uniquely identified and tracked. A strategic step that is part of an intelligent and optimized management logic: as a matter of fact, traceability makes it possible to identify any anomalies and intervene promptly.

The traceability process is also essential to guarantee the customer a machine which is always excellent.

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Macpi pays the utmost attention to the safety systems on every machine. Our machines are all CE certified and are equipped with hand guards and special sensors to protect the users against possible accidents.

The models equipped with telescopic mannequins and moving boards significantly reduce the impact of wearing movements, which can cause injury or discomfort to the operators in the long run. All these operations are certified by Ergocert.


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