Automatic unit with two movable and independent heads, revolving and adjustable in each direction as to obtain a perfect orthogonal pressing at the buck. The heads movement is obtained through double cylinders (quick movement during the approaching and return, sensitive during the pressing). It is equipped with two lower dummies with long arm, armhole shape and shapes for outside sleeve. The machine is complete with: - steam heated and steaming heads - dummies: body with vacuum and steaming in the shoulders area, air blowing and steaming on sleeves, steaming and vacuum on the outside sleeves with vacsteam device and flapper screen, steaming and air blowing on armhole. - electronic device for the precision adjustment of the head in the pressing/sponging positions and for the selection of programmable pressing pressure - controls fitted on the movable upper shapes - air jet - n° 2 spot-lights - electronic safety head guard device in the sleeves and shoulders area - jacket-hanger - adaption for programming by logic operated by microprocessor (Note: The connection of a terminal is obligatory, without one of them the machine cannot run) Feeding: 1+N~50Hz 230 V