Blowing dummy for sleeves finishing. It is composed by two sleeves (left / right) with alternate functioning, respectively one for the loading / unloading operations and the other one for the automatic finishing. The sleeves are complete with expanders allowing the pressing of all sizes. The pressure of the expanders is adjusted by two pressure regulators: one for right and one for left sleeve. The dummy is supplied with super-heater for steaming and air blowing. It is possible to control by n¦ 4 timers the following functions: - steaming - delay of air blowing start - air blowing - expanders. The dummy is also supplied with 3 + 3 foot-pedals for the manual control of: - steaming - air blowing of the expander - expander. The jacket is vertically placed while the sleeve is slightly oblique. To protect the jacket front from excess of steam, during the sleeves'' steaming, the dummy has been provided with a mechanical device, which moves alternately from right to left and viceversa. Voltage: V 220/2 - 240/2.