Spotting cabinet with working plate in stainless steel, dimension cm 90 x 50.
Removable plate complete with stainless steel chamber for the products recovery.
Complete with:
- vacuum fan of Kw 0,56, controlled by foot-pedal;
- deflection valve to invert vacuum from plate to spotting arm;
- working plate adjustable in height (4 positions);
- lighting on working area complete with plug;
- pressure soaps tank capacity 9 liters, with safety device;
- nebulizing gun with stainless steel dispenser;
- brushing gun with stainless steel dispenser;
- spottin unit with double stainless steel spotting arm (2 indipendent rotating and vacuum shapes);
- cold spotting device complete with 2 spotting guns fitted with tanks and 1 drying gun.
- adaption for air compressed connection 6 Bar
Installed power: 0,56 Kw
Voltage: 1+N~50Hz 230 V