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"Despite few rumors generated lately in the market,

 MACPI Management informs all customers and partners

 that MACPI has not plan whatsoever to sell the Brand or its own Divisions"


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Detergo - May 2017

" Macpi invests in ergonomics and energy saving,
Discover our cover story for Detergo in May "

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New construction process for garments aimed to muscle recovery (Talking Skin)


 MACPI SpA in partnership with PUNTO AZZURRO srl and CSMT is approaching a new project (Research and Development) which foresees a broad search on the most common trauma (injuries) affecting athletes during sports activities and consequently the study of the new materials and related assembling methods to obtain a garment with differentiated compression effects. The product will be fit with embedded sensors device allowing to record and to monitor the therapy progress of the patient. The garments achieved at the end of the project will be consequently able to apply differentiated compression on the body and to analyze the data transferred from the garments to the portable device. This kind of garment will allow a more efficient and fast passive post-trauma recovery with the additional possibility to track the therapy evolution.   


For Texprocess 2017, will be held from 9th to 12th of May in Frankfurt , Macpi is looking to organize something special. The big stand in the 5 booth will give to Macpi a new image and is ready to receive customers and distributors from all around the world : discover all the news ...

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MACPI spa is announcing the next two-days OPEN DOOR on March 31stand April 1st. The venue will be held at our headquarter in Palazzolo sull’Oglio. In the recent years has become a fixed appointment and reference for the industry between TEXCARE and EXPODETERGO exhibitions and it is recalling a large number of attendance, especially from the Euromed area.

A great opportunity for customers, agents and dealers to discover the endless range of products for the laundry industry and for a comprehensive visit of Macpi’s facility. In our showroom will de displayed all machineries and equipments related to the commercial laundry starting from several units of ironing tables in different configuration as well the more sophisticated and automatic dummies.

Another score is the complete line of washers marked Tolon, global leader in production of washing machines with an excellent value in relashionship with price. A special focus regarding “ergonomic” will be highlighted on the innovative line of machines related to industrial laundry which, of course, will be also available during the visit.


We are looking to welcome you!

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News for Texcare 2016


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New enlargement macpi seat South China


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Jsn International: article Macpi at ITMA 2015


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Macpi Group staff at CISMA 2015


Visiting delegation of Myanmar to macpi



Magazine article ''italian value''

Workshop on BOnding Technology

Convention and Exhibition Centre during AAMA-TEX 2014 exhibition

Fimas has expanded its plant

Fimas, the company of ''Macpi Group'', with headquarters placed in Vigevano in 2014 has expanded its plant and consequently even its production line.
A tangible sign of the continued growth and evolution of the Company.”


261.88 Machine for round tablecloth pressing
322.88 First machine with loading and unloader in clothes hanger
298.88 Carousel for blouses/scrubs pressing

Pacific 25th Anniversary in 2014

Great event for ouf agent "Pacific Associates ltd." who has celebrated his first 25 years of activity by the Hotel Radisson in Dhaka.
Really a nice party with more than 500 guests from all over the world.

Macpi Party during CISMA

Macpi Party organized in style during CISMA exhibition. The event was attended by more than 240 guests including customers, dealers and the entire Macpi staff. On this occasion it was also celebrated Mr. Sardini''s 80th birthday. A really great success for this show which remains a key point for a market that is increasingly geared towards asian countries.

Antia meeting by Macpi Group headquartes

Antia meeting has been arranged by Macpi Group Headquarters in Palazzolo s/O last Friday, the 15th. of March 2013. More than 90 people have attended this event which has focused the interest of all partecipants to the new tsubject of "bonding technology".

Association Club I.A.C.D.E. Italy

Was appointed by the Board of Directors'' IACDE Italy ''Paolo Cartabbia Secretary.

Agreement between Macpi/Ima and East West - Bangladesh

On 04.12.1012 a very important Agreement has been signed by Mr. Paolo Cartabbia of Macpi Group and Mr. Ar-Rashid of East West in Dhaka - Bangladesh. This date is so important because this is not a simple sales-contract, but a special agreement by which both groups enter into full cooperation to expand and therefore increase the production of Clothing Industry in Dhaka and then in the market of Bangladesh . A truly remarkable result for Macpi Group, operating in this market since several years, who believes that this Agreement is really fundamental to conquer the local market.
A particular thanks to Mr. Ar- Rashid, President of East West who has believed in Macpi Group capacity and seriusness in the business and has signed the Agreement with Mr. Paolo Cartabbia in Dhaka last December as per the picture herewith attached.


Even this year Macpi has partecipated to the OPEX day organized by Hugo Boss in its turkish Headquarters in Izmir on 22.10.2010. During the event it has been made a wide presentation of Macpi machine model 288 which has been developped in collaboration with the Hugo Boss. Great satisfaction for both italian and german brands which can boast a respected "joint project".

Jsn International: Macpi user report in India - Visit to Mohan Clothing Co.


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Jsn International: Visit to Macpi’s Headquarters

Macpi Awarded a Prize “Supplier of the Year 2009” by Hugo Boss
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Hugo Boss Operational Excellence Day

On November the 3rd., by Hugo Boss'' Izmir (Turkey) factory, Mr. Paolo Cartabbia has received a very important prize. Macpi has been awarded as "supplier of the year 2009". A very special goal for Macpi, a result of a good relationship and a close collaboration between the two companies. In the picture Mr. Paolo Cartabbia is given the prize by Mr. Kazim Saver, the person in charge of all Hugo Boss productions in Turkey

New office Opening Dinner

During the last AAMATEX exhibition in Vietnam (HO CHI MINH CITY) our Far East Manager, Mr. Stefano Bordogna, has attended the dinner arranged to celebrate the opening of “HONG MA INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY(VIETNAM)CO LTD” new office, Macpi Group agent in Vietnam.
All the suppliers as Macpi-Vibemac-Maica-H.M.C were present to the beautiful Ceremony !
The opening was a great success in fact more then 100 customers attended it to wish to Mr Chong and his Staff good business for the future.

Kazan Forum


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Rotary Wheel and Golf - 6th. edition

Macpi Group among the sponsor of the 6th. edition of beneficiary event organized by Rotary Club Brescia Franciacorta Oglio. The historical cars race has been held on 03/04-10-2009. Of course the Group is glad and proud to join the humanitarian project promoted by Rotary devolving its budget for Xmas gifts to the Interdepartment Oncoematology Research Laboratory in Brescia.

Confezione - When dreams are desires...


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Macpi Group is growing so fast, investing strong energies in R&D. Nowadays, with more thant 10.000 customers and thanks to its penetration policy of the asiatic market, started more that 15 years ago, Macpi Group confirms to be a point of reference for the international clothing industry and not only...
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Bodywares - Macpi: new products


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Jns International: Review of Macpi Group at CISMA 2009


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Macpi seminar in the South of China

Great success for the seminar scheduled for July 17th. and 18th. in the South of China (Chanping).
The argument has been focused on the new fusing machines Macpi model 331 and 340, introduced for the first time at Imb show - Cologne and the range of machines dedicated to the shirts pressing, both italian and chinese production. Not only the selected customers have taken part to the event, but also the macpi group chinese agents. Great satisfaction for Macpi brand which has a widespread distribution in China since long time.

Macpi series 335-336-338: for the first time at IMB show

For the first time at IMB show, MACPI has exhibited its complete range of machine for “sew free” garments in a dedicated “bonding area”. This range, usually exhibited at specialized exhibition for intimate and sportswear, allows the application of edges without any stitching or garment assembling. Specifically MACPI has exhibited machines for elastic lay-down, hemming, binding and hot seal taping.

See article: http://www.modeles.fr/TECHNO.HTM

New Macpi model 288

At Imb 2009 MACPI has presented the new generation of the machine Macpi model 288, that has been designed with a new concept in order to completely adapt itself to the new slim-fit shirt line which couldn’t be pressed with satisfactory quality results by the old model. This new model is also fitted with 2 innovative devices for yoke and label pressing and for pressure increase in case of difficult fabrics.

Macpi Group at IMB 2009

Macpi has declared to be optimistic and satisfied with IMB contacts. As already foreseen most visitors to macpi booth have came from Asia. This is the proof of more vitality of these Countries and also the evidence of Macpi good policy and presence in that area. Weak presence of East Europe visitors which usually came numerous to this appointment. Macpi, which always distingiushes itself by its innovative spirit, has introduced at IMB 2009 a series of novelties which meet the latest fashion trend of the Clothing Industry. On the subject of equipment MACPI has presented the new generation of 3 kind of machines already well-known, but totally renewed for an improved application, performance and flexibility, qualities which are nowadays requested by any of our customers. For example Macpi is very proud of its "ECOLOGIC" Continuous Fusing machines, of new generation, with their double heating systems – by steam or by electric power - for maximum energy saving. This double heating system was already fitted on the old models, but the great novelty is the use of steam, further than an innovative heat insulation system which reduces the large heating leakage.

See June article on "Confezione" magazine


Macpi Group ha decleared to be optimist and satisfied with Imb customers contacts...
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Jsn International: Review of Macpi Group at IMB 2009


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Jsn International: Macpi Bonding Technology in South China


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Confezione: Simply the perfection

Brands as Ravazzolo are an excellent example of italian clothing manufacturing. Symbol of uniqueness and tailoring which is known all over the world...
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